Thursday, December 8, 2016

Presenting: V/A — The Glastonbury Grove EP, a Tribute to Twin Peaks 7"

Hear it HERE
V/A—The Glastonbury Grove EP, A Tribute to Twin Peaks 7" — The pop-culture weirdness worship of the What's For Breakfast? Records / We Used to Drink Together Records collaboration from last year's X-Files themed Purity Control compilation is back, with the inevitable Twin Peaks centric followup. Mr. Clit and the Pink Cigarettes  (IN) give us a swirly grungy punk dive into Leland Palmer's brain, Badge Collector (TN) take us on a whirlwind hardcore breakdown of the town and its memorable denizens, J. R. Fisher and Jacob Pflanzer (OH) give us a rock n roll slice of Ben & Jerry Horne's lives, The Electric Grandmother (Washington D.C.) use basement electropop to pontificate on Leo Johnson. On the flip, there's a breezy acoustic strummer from James Dean Death Cult's (IL/NY) attempt to recall watching Fire Walk With Me while being stoned to the bone, a snarling haunter from DANA (OH) about the connection between the two worlds, and a feedback dirge interpretation of the theme by American Male Giant Squid (OH). This 7" is a special totem that you can dump your Twin Peaks energy into until the new season arrives. We have faith that it will be much better than that OTHER recent return of a beloved series.

Each record is numbered out of 500 and includes a digital download and full color art insert with the lyrics on the back. Yours for $6 in our store.