Catalog History

Speed Babes -- tape:pink CS. Edition of 50 white cassettes. May 2019.

Musclegoose -- 3 Ninjas: High Noon at Musclegoose Mountain. Edition of 100 yellow cassettes. March 2019.

Salty -- Dry Rub CD/CS. Edition of 100 CDs, 100 white cassettes. April 2019.

Ten High -- Slackjaw Gaze b/w No Waves. Edition of 100 yellow, 100 red, 300 black vinyl. September 2018.

The Stools -- Milk River Blues EP. Edition of 100 blue cassettes. September 2018

Modern Convenience -- So So Modern LP. Edition of 500 black vinyl. September 2018.

The Wirms -- Ain't Gonna Find Me LP. Edition of 500 black vinyl. July 2018.

Sunwyrm -- Doomshine CD. Edition of 100 CDs. May 2018.

Speed Babes -- orangetape CS. Edition of 100 on orange cassette. April 2018.

Cosmic Halitosis -- Where is She? CS. Edition of 100 on blue cassette. January 2018

The Wirms -- Digs These Four Songs with The Wirms! 7" EP. Edition of 100 purple vinyl, 400 black vinyl. NYE 2017.

Bow & Spear -- Bad at Fun 12". Edition of 300 black vinyl. December 2017.

The Shitdels -- The Shitdels CS. Edition of 100 on green cassette. October 2017.

Basic Bitches -- My Body, My Choice b/w White Bread President cassingle. Edition of 100 on white cassette, a benefit for Planned Parenthood. September 2017.

Ellen and the Degenerates -- Herb Alert 7" EP. Edition of 100 on coke bottle clear vinyl, 400 on black vinyl. September 2017.

Charlie's Stripe / Mala Vista split CS. Edition of 100 on black cassettes. August 2017.

Modern Convenience -- What U? EP. Edition of 100 on green vinyl, 300 on black. August 2017.

Arsene Obscene / The Speed Babes split CS. Edition of 100 on black cassettes. July 2017.

Missiles of October -- Better Days
LP: 300 on transparent yellow, international co-release with POGO Records, Bonobo Stomp, Forbidden Place, Skate Pizza Records, Qualitativus Recordus, and Aktiver Ausstand In Plastik.
Cassette: edition of 50 on clear blue, with bonus tracks. What's For Breakfast? Records exclusive.

The Meltaways 7" EP. Edition of 200 coke bottle clear vinyl, 300 black vinyl. October 2016

The Fuzzlers -- Gourd of Truth CS. Edition of 200 on purple cassettes with risographed and spray painted j-cards. April 2017.

The Glastonbury Grove EP: A Tribute to Twin Peaks 7". A seven track tribute to the nuttiness of David Lynch's Twin Peaks. Features Mr. Clit and the Pink Cigarettes (IN), Badge Collector (TN), J. R. Fisher with Jacob Pflanzer (OH), The Electric Grandmother (D.C.), James Dean Death Cult (IL/NY), DANA (OH), and American Male Giant Squid (OH). Edition of 100 on fir tree green vinyl and 400 on damn fine black coffee vinyl. Co-release with We Used To Drink Together Records. November 2016.

The Bleeders -- Gash EP CS. Edition of 150 on white cassettes. December 2016.

WFBR mixtape. Free download, release date TBA. I'll release this eventually, it's just always the easiest thing to postpone when I'm working on other, bigger releases.

J. R. Fisher -- Fever EP CS. Edition of 100 on red cassettes. February 2017.

The Fuzzlers -- Cyber EP CS. Edition of 200 on orange cassettes, with risographed j-cards. July 2016.

Sunwyrm -- First Cycle CS. Edition of 100 on pink cassettes. June 2016.

Turnspit / J.R. Fisher split single flexi. Edition of 250 on green. June 2016.

Wet Nurse / The Meltaways split single flexi. Edition of 274 on blue. June 2016.

James Dean Death Cult -- Starter Pact. Edition of 100 back patches with download cards.

Loa Hex -- Orphan Cuts. Edition of 50 on blue cassettes. March 2016.

V/A -- Purity Control 7" -- A six track tribute to the endless search for the truth out there. Features Thee Wilt Chamberlain (FL), Lieutenant Dance (OH), James Dean Death Cult (IL), Jason Douglass Swearingen (IL), White Coke (IL,), and Adrienne Dodt (IL, published by Damask Press and Spoon River Poetry Review). Edition of 100 pressed on blinding searchlight white and 400 pressed on solidified Black Oil. Co-release with We Used To Drink Together Records. December 2015.
As of March 2017, all remaining profits go to RAINN.

Web archiving a release for a friend, but no longer available by request.

These Magnificent Tapeworms -- Beach Fever LP. Edition 250 on seafoam vinyl with coral splatter. Released Sept. 2010,

Truthdealer/Head on Electric split 7". Edition of 300 pressed on black wax around May, 2010.

These Magnificent Tapeworms -- Sliced Meats and Other Delights CD. Edition of 300 CDs released May 2009. Sold out.