Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Presenting: Kids Born Wrong "Giallo" Cassette

A lot of punk bands say that they really like horror movies and weird kooky things. But when The Kids Born Wrong from Louisville, Kentucky say it, they aren't just joking around. So it's with absolute love that they present to you their new cassette EP "Giallo".

The tape comes on like a chainsaw massacre fueled by a few gallons of nasty 1950s teen beat and sleazy blues boiled down to a goo and then spiked with a dose of dancy takes on early Misfits. The Kids Born Wrong take it on tour next week, zipping through Tennessee, North Carolina and Georgia, and up to Ohio and Indiana.

The tape comes with a download code and a sticker. You can hear the opening track and order through Bandcamp or with the PayPal button below.

Tuesday, April 9, 2019

Ellen and the Degenerates announcement

One of the most lively and animated forces in the What's For Breakfast? Records umbrella is the rowdy Ellen and the Degenerates out of Brooklyn, NY. Well, they're entering the home stretch before they turn in their badge and spend retirement on their new boat—there's only a few gigs left. In an attempt to blow out the inventory but also give you a chance to memorize all the lyrics it's over, I'm covering domestic shipping on their 45 out of pocket if you use the button below. I'll throw in another piece of random backstock with every order. If you order from outside the USA, I'll be emailing you for the extra postage.

Last chances:
4/12/19 at Our Wicked Lady in Brooklyn, NY
"Return of the Herb" CS release with School Drugs & Sister Munch. Hosted by Elena Barrio and special guest Jordan Olds

4/28/19 at Sunnyvale, Brooklyn, NY
with Vacation, Substitute, and Quaker Wedding

5/17/19 at Pouzza Fest 9 in Montreal, QC

6/01/19 at Bushwick Public House, Brooklyn, NY
The Final Herb with Valley Lodge and Top Nachos

Note: I've only got black records remaining