Saturday, April 21, 2018

Record Store Day 2018 specials

It's Record Store Day and anyone who loves independent music has a lot of mixed up thoughts about that. If you have decided that you love your local record store, but you only go there the other 364 days of the year and that your duff is firmly planted on your couch this Saturday, here's some other ways you can rapidly and cheaply build up your record collection with quality independent music. These prices run all weekend.

If you are gonna be out and about in Chicago, I'll see you at the Speed Babes orangetape release at Record Breakers or you'll find me digging the cheap crates at Bric a Brac or peeping the good stuff at Bucket.


Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Presenting: the WFBR Summer 2017 Pack

Hear all of these releases at
I've been so focused on releasing great EPs this summer that I wasn't always updating the front page with news about those releases individually. My sloth is your gain, because now you can buy the entire summer 2017 package in the store for $25ppd:

From the top left, the releases are:
Ellen and the Degenerates—Herb Alert 7" EP: a Brooklyn punk quintet pushing a mix of The Spits and Bratmobile for an endlessly replayable punk 45 with a bit of a pop edge.
Speed Babes / Arsene Obscene split cassette: Chicago, USA teams up with Nice, France to bring you an armload of Kinks/Hives/Electric Eels inspired tracks
Modern Convenience—What U? 7" EP: blazing hot Tennessee reverb rocknroll garagepunk from total lifer Mike Bibbs
Mala Vista / Charlie's Stripe split cassette: the 70s underground never died and this tape has four tracks of 77 punk / power pop for fans of The Clash, The Nerves, and The Haskells
• bonus tape: I close my eyes and grab something from backstock or the distro
• a 2.25" button

All of that for only $25 shipped. My store is right around the halfway mark on all of these, and some haven't even had release shows as of this post. Get on it.