Tuesday, April 5, 2022

Lollygagger "Total Party Kill" LP Announced for June 2022

Preorder is live!

The newest addition to the WFBR family of contributors is Chicago's LOLLYGAGGER and their vinyl debut "Total Party Kill" invades homes to black bag squares this summer. We're talking a semi-articulated eighteen-wheeler loaded with enough layers of guitar to make Ronnie Spector jealous, the juiciest bass heard in Chicago since Frankie Knuckles was king, the biggest drum sound outside of an arena, unsold copies of A People's History, a barrel with all the sweat and B.O. generated by the hardcore scene circa 1981, and just the essence of the gnarliest underground Norwegian black metal. This is a band that has been grinding through basement sets, small room sets, midroom sets, heading upriver to plunge a bayonet right into Kurtz's heart, and every harrowing experience has been captured on tape and melted into 160grams of PVC. 

Release show 6/27/2022 in Chicago, IL, USA, Earth, Milky Way. Preorder ships then or before if possible. 

Preorder today at the store.