Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Tour News: The Fuzzlers tour on new EP!

A villain in this tour, the Scoby
WFBR's resident foam-core gak splatter puppet freaks THE FUZZLERS go on the road again TONIGHT! They're strapped with a grip of their new tapes, the GOURD OF TRUTH EP. The official release show is their homecoming gig in Athens, GA on March 25th. The tape is available in our web store and you can check out this preview RIGHT NOW! It's an edition of two-hundred purple tapes with spray paint & risograph j-cards, plus download codes and stickers, for they're only six bones each.

Get to the gig for more manic insanity! Proudly going nowhere near SXSW!

March 15th Greenville, SC ● RADIO ROOM
March 16th Asheville, NC ● Artist Kitchen
March 17th Knoxville, TN ● Purple Polilla
March 18th Whitesburg, KY ● YouthBored
March 19th Cincinnati, OH ● MOCKBEE
March 20th Terre Haute, IN ● Terradise
March 21st Indianapolis, IN ●GPC
March 22nd Louisville, KY ● Time and Space
March 23rd Birmingham, AL● FIREHOUSE
March 25th Athens, GA ● FLICKER BAR
March 26th Tallahassee, FL ● BFF HAUS