Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Presenting: the WFBR Summer 2017 Pack

Hear all of these releases at wfbr.bandcamp.com
I've been so focused on releasing great EPs this summer that I wasn't always updating the front page with news about those releases individually. My sloth is your gain, because now you can buy the entire summer 2017 package in the store for $25ppd:

From the top left, the releases are:
Ellen and the Degenerates—Herb Alert 7" EP: a Brooklyn punk quintet pushing a mix of The Spits and Bratmobile for an endlessly replayable punk 45 with a bit of a pop edge.
Speed Babes / Arsene Obscene split cassette: Chicago, USA teams up with Nice, France to bring you an armload of Kinks/Hives/Electric Eels inspired tracks
Modern Convenience—What U? 7" EP: blazing hot Tennessee reverb rocknroll garagepunk from total lifer Mike Bibbs
Mala Vista / Charlie's Stripe split cassette: the 70s underground never died and this tape has four tracks of 77 punk / power pop for fans of The Clash, The Nerves, and The Haskells
• bonus tape: I close my eyes and grab something from backstock or the distro
• a 2.25" button

All of that for only $25 shipped. My store is right around the halfway mark on all of these, and some haven't even had release shows as of this post. Get on it.