What is WFBR?
What's For Breakfast? Records is a record label and distro that I run from my kitchen table. I release music that I like played by true believers or true freaks, or both if I'm lucky. Have a listen to get a sense for it.

What's the backstory here?
What's For Breakfast? Records was casually formed with a self-released CD-R in 2009, when I was playing bass in Carbondale, IL garage band These Magnificent Tapeworms. There were a few ill-managed releases through 2009 and 2010. The label went dark for a few years, but it's been back since 2016 or so. We went dark again during the peak of the collective coronavirus experience due to the lack of live music to drive sales, but we were able to endure and resume. With smart choices and luck, it will be around to stay. The label was named in honor of my love of cooking huge breakfasts for houseguests and touring bands.

How can I hear the music?
Check the "stream music" link on the left to be routed to the Bandcamp profile.

Where can I buy the music?
Lots of places! First of all, WFBR bands get copies to sell, and bands always need your money. Secondly, there's the painless shopping at our Storenvy page if you click "Web Store and Distro" on the left. And third, you can check out the "Record Store & Distribution Directory" link on the left, to look for local brick n mortar record stores that stock WFBR. This list is growing all the time!

I bought a record—where do I cash in the download card?
Use the "Download Card Validation" link at the left, or just go to wfbr.bandcamp.com/yum.

How can I contact WFBR? Can I submit a demo?
Email me at wfbrecords@gmail.com or use that link over on the left. We love to hear new music! Kick it my way. I'll warn you that WFBR is pretty tightly curated because it has to grow sustainably, but if you catch us at the right time it could work for you. Just ask.

I run a record store or a milk crate distro and I'd like to make a wholesale order.
Definitely. Email me at wfbrecords@gmail.com for a wholesaler sheet. We have small minimums and we're excited to get into new record stores, especially in advance of upcoming releases.

I'm in a killer band and I was wondering if you would stock my stuff.
Hit me up! However, we usually start with trades. I know trades don't buy groceries, but if I'm focused on putting out rad music through the label, I don't always have the spare bucks to buy 6 or 10 of your sick tapes for the distro. If that works for you, drop me a line.