Sunday, May 15, 2016

Label spotlight: Failed Orbit Records

Failed Orbit Records is a rad label based out of Honolulu, Hawaii, currently run by Rob Cunningham and Jhune Liwanag, with crucial recording & logistics contributions coming from William Adair and Eduard Panen. I wound up getting into regular correspondence with Rob just a bit back, and it's clear that he's hell bent on opening up Hawaii to the broader DIY punk community on the mainland. He's already convinced a few bands to head out to the "West-West Coast" to melt some faces—Portland's Blowout is the next one on deck for the excursion. They've gotten a lot done since they got started in 2014, and Rob's band Poncho is recording tracks for both an LP and a split with Will & Ed's band T.V. Microwave, plus there should be something new from Aura Bora in the coming months.

I'm super interested in what they're doing, which is why I got my hands on a fat mess of their CDs for the distro. Check that out pronto, and follow those hyperlinks above for some tunes (or scope the label's new website,