Sunday, February 28, 2016

Presenting: V/A — Purity Control 7"

hear it HERE

V/A — Purity Control 7” — A celebration of the X-Files and our undying love for the truth that’s still out there. Six artists contribute two minutes or less to scratch the itch of our undying nostalgia. Featuring surf from THEE WILT CHAMBERLAIN (Orlando, FL, members of Maximino), postpunk electrogrit from LIEUTENANT DANCE (Columbus, OH, members of Placenta Clause and Hookers Made Out Of Cocaine), lusty folkpunk from JAMES DEAN DEATH CULT (Chicago and Brooklyn, members of Black Bear/Brown Bear), a mutant murder ballad from JASON DOUGLASS SWEARINGEN (Chicago, IL, member of Turnspit), a postpunk devotional from WHITE COKE (Chicago, IL, member of Autonomy, editor of No Friends Zine) and conceptual poetry from ADRIENNE DODT (Chicago, IL, published by Damask Press, contributes to Spoon River Poetry Review). Takes you through all Syndicate approved emotions, with a few songs that call out specific episodes, a few tracks about the series as a whole, a surf version of the title theme, and a tribute to hunky Mitch Pileggi. Probably more fun than the actual tenth season of the X-Files and the packaging has a ton of curb appeal. Culture critic Chuck Livid at TUFF GNARL called it a top five release for January. Each record is numbered out of 500 and includes a digital download.

$6.00 from WFBR mail order, plus $3.50 S&H. Wholesale rates from as few as 5 copies. Email for orders, or use our Storenvy store.